Roof Install

Asphalt Shingles

Composed of fiber glass mat. A layer of asphaltand a layer of granules. Most commonly installed shingle. More often usedfor residential homes, but not limited to it. Different types of layershave different lifespans. A single laminated layer would have alifespan ofabout 20-30years. A bi-laminated layer would have a lifespan of about30-40 years, and a tri-laminated layer would have 40-50 years. Each withlimited lifetime warranty. *every product is different due to theirmanufacture, these numbers and warranty are the norms.

Flat/ rubber membrane (EPDM)

Used for lower slopped roofs.Typically tend to be used more for commercial building but notlimited to.There are 3 differenr sizes: 40mm are generally used for patchwork/repairson rubber membrane roofs, the 60mm are used for commercial building, and90mm is special ordered and not commonly used this would be for buildingssuch as rooftop restaurants. The lifetime expectancy is roughly about thesame for all three


Longer lasting roofing system. Majority is commercial butbecoming more popular among residential. Most important aspect is thecoating material. Energy efficient in comparison to asphalt, but moreexpensive. Has a +50 lifetime expectancy.

Stone Coated Metal Roofing System

A hybrid of asphalt and metal.Hail resistant. Considered energy efficient. A residentialproduct but can also be commercial. +50 year lifetime expectancy. Could save you money on home insurance because of the hail resistance. Acts as an insulator. Typically pays for itself after 20-25 years.